A Quick Letter to PHPC (As We Prepare For Worship)

To Palmetto Hills, This coming Sunday, I have been asked to preach on the topic of homosexuality and same-sex attraction. The church has (historically) done a poor job in discussing issues based in the realm of sexuality; and in this case, keeping those who profess to be Christians (and non-Christians) yet struggle with same-sex attraction … Continue reading

Jonah: Understanding the Grace of God

Most Christians are very familiar with the opening chapter of the book of Jonah.  There is the call to go to Ninevah and preach about Yahweh, the fleeing to a ship, the ship setting sail, the waves crashing against the ship, the eventual tossing over Jonah into the sea, and the swallowing up of Jonah … Continue reading

Hosea: We Are All Gomers

We are starting our study on the Minor Prophets tonight with Hosea.  I would encourage you to read Hosea 1-3, and consider the following: Hosea is the perfect opening book for the minor prophets because it clearly shows the relationship between the redeeming power of God and the radically depraved nature of man.  If you … Continue reading

Does My View Of Creation Matter?

When the Ham/Nye debate occurred a while ago, it was evident that neither one of these men were going to change the other’s mind.  Each one was set in his own worldview, and to change their view on something as big as creation and evolution would require monumental shifts that would effect more than just … Continue reading

10 Surefire Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Family Devotions I don’t have kids (yet), but this is one of my biggest fears (as far as developing their spiritual life goes).  

The Sovereignty of God: Are We Robots? Is God the Author of Evil?

If God is sovereign and in control of all things, how are we not just a bunch of robots?  If providence is true, how does God not become the author of evil?  These are just a couple questions I have been asked time and time again from students in my brief time in ministry.  Most … Continue reading

Crossing the Finish Line: Perseverance of the Saints

How many times have you wondered: Can I lose my salvation?  This was a difficult question for me growing up, mainly because my heart had not been changed and I was living the way I wanted to live.  The question I should have been wondering was, “Am I really a Christian?”  This question still haunted … Continue reading

What’s So Amazing About Grace? It’s Irresistible

What would happen if a person really wanted to be a Christian, but God would not let them?  Here is how someone who believed in irresistible grace (along with the other parts of the TULIP acronym) would respond: If you want to be a Christian, you will be a Christian.  This is because no one … Continue reading

Limited Atonement: Are We Limiting God?

Many people think that unconditional election (the U of the TULIP acronym) is the hardest pill to swallow of the “five points of calvinism.”  I actually believe that the “L,” or limited atonement, is the toughtest.  Why?  Because it challenges the general belief that Jesus Christ died for every single person on earth, and that … Continue reading

Need Humility? Consider Unconditional Election

If you ever need a good dose of humility, just consider your salvation.  Not the part where you are a child of God and get to enjoy the benefits of being adopted by the creator of the world.  Think about the part where you were totally depraved and had nothing good living inside of you; … Continue reading