10 Surefire Ways to Make Your Kids Hate Family Devotions I don’t have kids (yet), but this is one of my biggest fears (as far as developing their spiritual life goes).   Advertisements

Twelve Myths About Calvinism PHPC is a PCA church.  That means (in our theology and doctrine at least) we believe the Bible says certain things.  What are those things?  Well, they summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism.  Most of the time, people do not know what those … Continue reading

Free App Right Now On iTunes! Right now, Day One is free on iTunes.  What is it? It is a unique way to keep a diary/journal.  Not only can you type stuff up, but you can take pictures of events and log those as part of your journal. I just downloaded it, so why don’t … Continue reading

How Sick Is Our Society? Look At Who Teaches Bioethics This is an article from the opinion pages of the Washington Post, written by a Professor of Bioethics at The University at Wisconsin’s medical and law schools.  It is disturbing to think this could be seriously written by someone who teaches our future lawyers and … Continue reading

What are Christians to think about Jason Collins?

Tools To Reach Teens Here is an article from The Gospel Coalition, with suggestions on how to reach teens.  Parents, what are your reactions?  Students, do you think this stuff is important?  What are your thoughts?

Gospel-Centered Manhood It is tough being a guy (Girls, I know it is tough to be a girl too.  But this link is aimed at guys).  We live in a culture where boys are taught that they should either be a star athlete, a high-rolling executive, or some macho looking military dude.  While those jobs … Continue reading

Come Thou Font Of Every Blessing While I am at it, why not share this rendition of Come Thou Font by Sufjan Stevens.  If you love folk music, you should fall in love with this song.  If you hate folk music, then you should fall in love with the words.  

The Top 10 Reasons Kids Leave the Church This is an interesting article on why our kids will leave the church.  Think this is not true?  Think again.  The statistics are staggering: The statistics are jaw-droppingly horrific: 70% of youth stop attending church when they graduate from High School. Nearly a decade later, about half … Continue reading