Jonah: Understanding the Grace of God

Most Christians are very familiar with the opening chapter of the book of Jonah.  There is the call to go to Ninevah and preach about Yahweh, the fleeing to a ship, the ship setting sail, the waves crashing against the ship, the eventual tossing over Jonah into the sea, and the swallowing up of Jonah … Continue reading

Hosea: We Are All Gomers

We are starting our study on the Minor Prophets tonight with Hosea.  I would encourage you to read Hosea 1-3, and consider the following: Hosea is the perfect opening book for the minor prophets because it clearly shows the relationship between the redeeming power of God and the radically depraved nature of man.  If you … Continue reading

What’s So Amazing About Grace? It’s Irresistible

What would happen if a person really wanted to be a Christian, but God would not let them?  Here is how someone who believed in irresistible grace (along with the other parts of the TULIP acronym) would respond: If you want to be a Christian, you will be a Christian.  This is because no one … Continue reading

Totally What?

Total depravity sounds awful.  If you were to tell someone they are totally depraved, they would probably take that as an insult.  But the reformed church is consistent in its belief that every single person on earth is totally depraved (After all, it is the T in the TULIP acronym).  So what does it mean … Continue reading