Crossing the Finish Line: Perseverance of the Saints

How many times have you wondered: Can I lose my salvation?  This was a difficult question for me growing up, mainly because my heart had not been changed and I was living the way I wanted to live.  The question I should have been wondering was, “Am I really a Christian?”  This question still haunted … Continue reading

Limited Atonement: Are We Limiting God?

Many people think that unconditional election (the U of the TULIP acronym) is the hardest pill to swallow of the “five points of calvinism.”  I actually believe that the “L,” or limited atonement, is the toughtest.  Why?  Because it challenges the general belief that Jesus Christ died for every single person on earth, and that … Continue reading

Need Humility? Consider Unconditional Election

If you ever need a good dose of humility, just consider your salvation.  Not the part where you are a child of God and get to enjoy the benefits of being adopted by the creator of the world.  Think about the part where you were totally depraved and had nothing good living inside of you; … Continue reading

Monday Links: Are you childlike or childish?

–Start off your week with a great article by Carl Trueman on how our expectations of not only our kids, but young adults (and dare I say, adults) have taken a dramatic shift for the worse.  We talk about having childlike faith, but have we misunderstood this for acting like a child?  Here are a … Continue reading