Wednesday Review and Reminder

Tonight we are moving on in our discussion of basic Christian beliefs to glorification.  But before we forget about sanctification (note, you can never forget about sanctification), I thought it would be helpful to show the differences between sanctification and justification.  

First, Justification is a one time act; sanctification is a life long process (and not just one event in your life).

Justification is about Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins (it is a finished work).  Sanctification is about the Holy Spirit at work in our life because of Christ’s work in us.

Justification is about how Christ looks at us (he sees us as righteous).  Sanctification is about what God is doing in us (making us righteous, though we will not attain this until we are glorified in heaven, which is what makes glorification so sweet).

We hope you will join us tonight as we look at hope that can only be found in the resurrection.  


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