Raising Your Kids For Greatness: Part One

I’ve been reading a few books lately and thought I might share my thoughts on some of them. For “work’ I am reading through Raising Kids For True Greatness: Redefine Success For You and Your Child. Why did I pick this book up? Because I think we focus too much on success. Now this is important: What I am … Continue reading


Last night I passed my committee exam for licensure.  This exam has been one of my main concerns for the past three months, and so to spend more time studying, I cut out a number of “extras” that I enjoy.  One of those was writing every day or so on the PHPC Youth Blog.  Now … Continue reading

How Do Understand OT Laws? And more links of Interest…

I have had a number of students ask me about the OT laws in Leviticus, and why we don’t follow those anymore.  They have ranged from: “Isn’t piercing your ears sinful?” “Does getting a tattoo mean you are going to hell?” and, “Why do we not sacrifice animals anymore if God has commanded us to … Continue reading

Church Culture, God in the Mundane, and a Book for Fathers and Sons

We had a great group last night (even though a lot were out of town) that really engaged in conversation over the doctrine of glorification.  It became pretty clear that heaven is a topic that we need to talk about (and they WANT to talk about).  This should be very encouraging as a church, because … Continue reading

Thoughts on John 19

Here is an excerpt from the devotional book, Heart of the Matter (which I strongly recommend if you are looking for a daily devotional),  on John 19: 16-30. Either people exhaust God’s anger themselves or a substitute does. In love, God finds a way to deal with the anger his people provoke, even though it means … Continue reading

Stop Dating the Church: Day 2

What do you think of when you hear the word “Church?”  If you are older, you might think of very negative perceptions.  If you are younger, you might think of church as a place where you get told what to do (and what not to do), as well as thinking of it as a place … Continue reading