Post Retreat Thoughts


I want to thank everyone who was able to go on the retreat.  It went far better than Lizzy or myself could have imagined.  What was most encouraging for us was to see 23 students (and 3 adults) grow closer together.  By the end of the weekend, it was like we had a real, cohesive and bonding group.  Our four lessons all flowed out of this one word: change.  Our first lesson asked these questions: Do you want to be changed?  Have you been changed?  If you have, how are you healing?  If you have not, why not?

Our next three lessons focused on the different ways we change:

  1. Saturday Morning Lesson-How Do I Grow?  If you have been changed, you have to start growing
  2. Saturday Evening Lesson-How Do I Serve?  To serve, everything about you has to be changed, like Christ.
  3. Sunday Morning Lesson-How Do I Live?  The gospel changes you to be an active part of the body of Christ (which Jesus has brought into being by his death and resurrection)

Every student was given a packet for the weekend, which had sermon outlines, words to the songs we sang, devotionals for the mornings, and a section for “post-retreat thoughts.”  I know that students can lose things (I still lose things, all the time), so I wanted to make them available to both students and parents.

Post-Retreat Thoughts: 

Look back on the last year.  How have you been renewed, transformed, or changed by the gospel?

What are some things you wish God would change about your heart in the next year?  Write them down.  Share them with your parents, and pray about them.

What are some ways you can serve the community?  What are some ways you can serve at Palmetto Hills?

How can understanding Philippians 2 encourage you in your service?

What does living a life of worship and renewal look like in your life?

What are some ways you conform to this world?  What would being transformed look like in those areas?

In view of God’s mercies (Rom 12-Lesson #4), what changes can you make in your heart with regards to worship?  What about about changes in worship?

Look through the songs we sang this weekend.  Which was your favorite?  Why?  Which song lyrics were you able to relate with the most (which song best captured where you were in your Christian life)?


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