Wednesday night will mark the beginning of the “dating” section in our series on relationships and friendships.  Why are we talking about this?  Well, we have covered:

-How we are to love are enemies, friends, parents, and siblings

-Why it is important to develop actual friendships instead of merely having acquaintances

-We were made for relationships (Gen 1and 2 tell us this)

-We like to destroy relationships (Gen 3 tells us this)

If we stopped now and did not talk about dating, we would be denying our hearts long to want things (In our lesson from Gen 2, we see that to be human means you long for three things: to be loved by God, to be loved by another, and to love the world).  To deny what we were created for is not helpful and unbiblical.  Now, this does not mean I am going to encourage every student to go out and date the first person they see in school the very next day.  I want to start this section by asking two questions: Is dating biblical?  What is the purpose of dating?  We will conclude by looking at why most of the Christian books on dating are hurting more than helping, and consider what is at the root of their problem.  

I want this to be a time where students can freely ask any questions they want about this topic, but I also want parents to know exactly what I am teaching.  For this reason, I will be recording my lessons on this section of our series and making them available to any parent or student on CD or MP3.  


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