Last night I passed my committee exam for licensure.  This exam has been one of my main concerns for the past three months, and so to spend more time studying, I cut out a number of “extras” that I enjoy.  One of those was writing every day or so on the PHPC Youth Blog.  Now that I have passed, I am back, and ready to write about culture, events, news and (of course) issues that we all, but especially youth, are facing with.  

I am particularly excited to start reading books that I would normally choose to read.  I am starting off my book binge with Kevin DeYoung’s Crazy Busy It looks to be a great book for our culture, and especially our church members, who are seemingly “crazy busy” at every moment in their lives.

While this licensure exam has been passed, there still is a floor exam to go through, which is then followed by another set of exams for ordination.  The two main areas of the ordination exam are Sacraments and Church History (especially the history of the PCA).  Thanks to a helpful review from a longtime friend and pastor of mine, I purchased a book by my church history professor at Reformed Theological Seminary-Charlotte, Donald Fortson.  He has some excellent books out there, and this one was particularly helpful in understanding the nuances of the Presbyterian history.  If you are a history buff, and you are interested in how the PCA came about, give it a read.  


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