Middle School Lesson

Tonight’s middle school lesson is focused on how the gospel is at work in the relationship between you and your parents.  The texts we will look at are Exodus 20:12, 21:15-17; Matthew 12:46-50; and Proverbs 23:22-25.

One of the questions I ask when I meet with students is if they are more like their mom or dad.  They usually have an answer right away, so I ask them why.  It is interesting to ask this question with your kids.  It is amazing to see what they tend to pick up on.  

Read the texts from Exodus and ask these questions: What is commanded? What does God promise for those who follow this command?  Why/how is this command difficult for us to accept?  What does honoring your parents look like in a day to day situation?

Read the text from Matthew and ask these questions: Is Jesus’ behavior strange considering what we read just before?  Does the will of God overrule your parents’ rule? (Yes, but only when they make you blatantly go against God’s law, which is rare).  What did honoring your parents look like 3 years ago?  What about 5 years from now? 10? 30?

Read the Proverbs text.  What should your parents’ desire be for you?  

Practically, what steps can you take as you grow up into your teenage years to honor your parents?


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