High School Lesson

Tonight’s lesson is focused around Genesis 3, and that we like to destroy relationships.  We have spent two weeks building up to this point by looking at Genesis 1 and 2.  In Gen 1, we saw that (before the fall) we were meant to be revelation receivers, interpreters, and worshipers of God.  In Gen 2, we saw that we were meant to be loved by God, to be loved by another, and to love the world.  

What we will see tonight is that in Gen 3, another “counselor” comes on the scene with his own advice on how we are to live.  This is the serpent, who takes God’s words to Adam and Eve and puts his own spin on it.  What we see is the serpent telling Eve something fundamentally different than what God has shown earlier: she could be independently wise.  Notice that pre-fall, God is in communication with Adam and Eve, telling them how to live.  Why? Because we were made to be dependent on God for everything.  Here, we see the serpent speaking the exact opposite promise.  This has huge consequences for Adam and Eve, if they choose to follow the serpent (which, we know they do).  Some questions to ask your high schoolers after this lesson are:

-What are the consequences if they follow the advice of the serpent?

 How have our interpretations changed with regards to wisdom and dependence since the fall?  

How has the way you relate to God been distorted, and how has that effected your relationships with others?

What are the three things we were designed to long for, and what has happened to those now that we are fallen? 

What are some ways we try to act like we do not hate ourselves?

Despite all of this sin, guilt, and shame, we see God pursuing both Adam and Eve.  God did not need to ask Adam and Eve questions to find out information, he knows all things.  So why did he ask them? 

In 3:21, we see God providing coverings in order to cover their shame.  What we must notice is that something had to __________ for them to clothed.

Gen 3:15 is called the proto-gospel.  It is clearly present here, as Jesus allowed the perfect relationships he had with the Father and the Holy Ghost to be destroyed so that you and I could be fully restored to God and to others.  

In the book, Relationships: A Mess Worth Making, Paul Tripp and Tim Lane write this:

The shattered relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit at the cross provides the basis for our reconciliation. No other relationship ever suffered more than what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit endured when Jesus hung on the cross and cried, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Matt 27:46.) Jesus was willing to be the rejected Son so that our families would know reconciliation. Jesus was willing to become the forsaken friend so that we could have loving friendships.


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