Reminder: 50 years ago…

Martin Luther King Jr. gave a speech that is remembered as one of the greatest of all time.  It was the famous, “I have a dream,” speech.  While we look around and see that much has changed (unless you are old enough to remember life before the civil-rights era, you might not believe this), I cannot get away from how poorly we, as enlightened and racially conscious individuals, have progressed in our culture.  I have discussed this idea before with regards to music.  We listen to trash, and are then surprised when people act like the depictions in their music.  Juan Williams writes a short but insightful article on the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page on this subject of music (focusing specifically on hip-hop and rap music, which is primarily driven by  African-American artists).  Albert Mohler writes on this subject to, using Williams’ piece as a jumping off point.  Both are worthy of your time, but a disclaimer, Williams’ piece does contain some of the lyrics to rap songs.  While he does censor most of the lyrics, he does not censor all.  Consider this before you click.


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