Middle School Lesson Review

Matthew 18:21-35, The Gospel and Your Forgiveness

The debt the servant owed the king was 10,000 talents.  That is the equivalent to 60 million days’ wages.  This shows us that the offer made by the servant to repay the debt was insignificant.  But it also shows us a couple of things about the king.  What are they? 

1. The king is really wealthy if he can forgive that debt.

2. The king is really merciful.

Why do you think it is hard for us to think we owe this much to God?

How does the debt the servant owed compare to the debt that he was owed?  

When we think about how we do not want to forgive others, what are some of the excuses we make?  What are some ways me make people “pay” when they sin against us?

When the fellow servant pled for mercy, what were the only two options for the servant?  How do these two options help with your understanding on the nature of forgiveness?

Forgiveness is more than just saying, you are forgiven.  There is the taking on of another person’s debt.  That’s what made the king’s mercy and forgiveness so amazing.  In light of this, think of a person who you do not want to forgive.  What cost will it be to you to forgive them?

Look at verse 35.  What is challenging about this verse?  How does the gospel help us with this challenge?


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