Wed Night Review Questions

Hope the semester is off to a great start for both parents and students.  Just wanted to give a quick rundown of what we talked about last night…

For the Middle School: We went over Luke 15 (Parable of the Prodigal Son) and talked about how we are both like the older and younger brother when it comes to understanding the grace of the gospel.  I asked the question, what is the gospel?  After talking about it for a while, I gave them a three word definition that they could use: God Saves Sinners.  We also went over how the older and younger brother struggled to understand the grace of their father.  A good question to ask your kids is, How did the brothers both misunderstand the grace of their father?  The hard part of the answer is that even when the younger brother decided to return home, he came with the impression that his father would never want to speak to him again, and asked him to at least consider him to be a slave.  I closed by asking them to consider how they can both be like the older and younger brother towards others, but also how they can act like both brothers when they look at how gracious God is towards others.

For the High School: We talked about how we were created to be in relationship, specifically with God.  We looked at Gen 1:26-28, and saw that even before the fall, God created us to be in communication with him, and that he created us differently than from the rest of creation in at least these 3 ways: We were meant to be revelation receivers, interpreters, and worshipers (Paul Tripp’s Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands was a vital source for this lesson).  Here are a few questions to ask them:

-Even though Adam and Eve were perfect people living in perfect relationship with God, they could not figure out life on their own.  Why?

-Are you born dependent or independent?  What about Adam and Eve? The answer is that we were born dependent.  Right after God creates man, he gives them guidance.  Why?  Because we were created to look to God for guidance and our identity.  

-What does it mean to be an interpreter?

-How do your interpretations effect the way you look at life?

-God created every man to receive his word and to interpret the word.  But for what? 

How has the Gospel influenced you in how you relate to God? 

-Why is it so hard to communicate with God?  What about with others?

-Think of how you interpret certain situations in your life.  What drives those interpretations? Fear? Anger? Love? God’s Word?  Why is it so easy to not allow God’s Word be our guide in how we interpret all of life?

-What do you worship on a daily basis?  How has that defined you: in your eyes? in your friend’s eyes?  Society’s eyes?

-Based on this evening’s text and lesson, what is required to be a Christian? 


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