Twelve Myths About Calvinism

PHPC is a PCA church.  That means (in our theology and doctrine at least) we believe the Bible says certain things.  What are those things?  Well, they summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith, the Larger Catechism, and the Shorter Catechism.  Most of the time, people do not know what those are, so they just ask, “Are you a Calvinist church?”  To this, my answer is yes, but….  Why?  Because most people do not know what reformed theology teaches.  In fact, I would boldly assume that many members of reformed churches might not have an exact handle on their reformed roots.  This article lists 12 myths (the way the list is set up, it is actually just giving 12 statements about what calvinism is not, e.g. Calvinism is not system of theology that denies God’s universal love) about calvinism that are (sadly), very common.  Just looking at the first myth (which is that God does not love everyone), it is no wonder that people have a foul idea of calvinists.  I recommend reading through this list, and reflecting on how you can learn to better explain the beautiful doctrines of grace.


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