Thursday Links: The Development of the Term, “Teen,” and a GREAT deal on a Commentary

We are almost at a point where we no longer can remember a time when the idea of a teenager was unheard of.  I think back to my grandparents, who have long since passed away, and cannot remember a time in their lives where they would call themselves “teens,” or used that as an excuse for their actions.  In fact, my grandfather grew up on a farm, was a farmer, and married my grandmother (from our cultural standpoint) way too early.  What does this all mean?  Well, the times of indecision and angst were not nearly as big of a deal as they are now.  Why?  We have created the age group called teenagers.  LIFE magazine has an interesting history of the term.  Here is a quote from the article to give you an idea:

Historians and social critics differ on the specifics of the timeline, but most cultural observers agree that the strange and fascinating creature known as the American teenager — as we now understand the species — came into being sometime in the early 1940s.

If you are looking for a commentary on the book of Romans, check out this commentary from Pillar.  PNTC are fantastic.  They are scholarly, but also accessible to lay people.  And for 2.99 on the Kindle, you should not pass this deal up.

Finally, since officer nominations are coming up, it is important to think about what the Bible says about biblical leadership.  Here is a podcast featuring Carl Trueman, professor at Westminster Theological Seminary-Philadelphia, and one-time guest lecturer at RTS-Charlotte.


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