Terrible Journalism, Action from UK, and Amazing Photos

Last week, the Daily News published a story about some Southern Baptists planting a church in Brooklyn.  If you read the article, you realized that any journalistic integrity was thrown out the window, and the piece was nothing more than cynical attacks on evangelicals.  For a good review of the article, I strongly recommend reading Joe Carter’s take.  

Joe Carter is on a writing roll, as he also has a helpful article on what the UK is doing with regards to internet pornography, and why the US should follow suit.  I have heard the desires of Prime Minister Cameron talked about on NPR recently, and the reactions are as if women and minorities are being told they are no longer allowed to vote.  Carter’s quick take on the matter is not so much applauding the Cameron for his desires, but warning America that they need to be doing something about the pornography epidemic that is destroying morality, the sanctity of sex in marriage, and the respect that needs to be given for individuals who were made in the image of God.

A non-Joe Carter link.  National Geographic had a traveler’s photo contest, and the winners are announced here.  Pretty amazing stuff. 


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