How Do Understand OT Laws? And more links of Interest…

I have had a number of students ask me about the OT laws in Leviticus, and why we don’t follow those anymore.  They have ranged from: “Isn’t piercing your ears sinful?” “Does getting a tattoo mean you are going to hell?” and, “Why do we not sacrifice animals anymore if God has commanded us to do so?” 

This is a must read article for Christians because it forces us to deal with understanding the OT law and how it applies to us today.  Not only will it help guide us in answering the above questions, but it will also help us answer the questions leveled against Christians on why we don’t take the Bible literally.  Here is a sample of the article…

To imagine that “living biblically” means trying to keep as many ancient rules as possible just because they are in the Bible misses the point of the law in the first place. Old Testament law was not just about rules but also about relationship with God, founded on God’s grace and redemption, and motivated by the mission of living as the people of God in the world, so that the world should come to know the living God.


Obviously we don’t obey all the Old Testament laws—law such as avoiding clothing made of mixed fibers, stoning to death people who cheat on their spouses, and refusing to eat seafood without fins or scales. Indeed, many of the laws we simply can’t obey, because they would break the laws of our own time. For example, we cannot obey the Old Testament laws about how to treat slaves as owning a slave is now illegal (though the biblical laws about slaves have plenty to teach us when we note how unique they were in the ancient world). History has moved on. God knew it would.

But just as well, we should never say, “Oh, we don’t bother with those things because they are just Old Testament rules.” There are principled reasons why Christians not only need but also should not observe certain Old Testament laws simply as written. And regarding two kinds of law, the New Testament itself provides those reasons.

-If you have made it this far down the blog this morning, pat yourself on the back.  Now, use that encouragement to face this next article by Thabiti Anyabwile.  How often have you noticed your devotion to live a life for Christ wavering?  We all have high and low marks in our sanctification and practice.  This article helps draw out why we are like that, and convicts us to continually praise Christ when we feel like we are in a spiritual desert.  

-BOOK ALERT.  This is an incredibly useful book for people of all ages to read.  If you have ever wondered, “How can I defend my faith?” then this is the book for you.  It is on sale for 1.99 for Kindle.  Jump on this deal.  It is required for RTS’ Applied Apologetics course, and for good reason. 


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