Looking Towards the Fall…

Summer is quickly coming to an end and school is set to start in less than a month.  Where has all the time gone?  But we have a few things planned for the rest of the summer, and are looking toward the fall (season, not Adam and Eve) as a great time to move into the next phase of youth ministry at PHPC.  First, the last summer events will include:

-an opportunity to serve in the local area

-some group night to a movie/bowling/fun-ness

-an end of summer pool party

While this summer has been relatively tame with events and mission work, expect it to increase rapidly in the next two years, as the philosophy of youth ministry becomes more fully implemented.  As for the fall, we will be starting to split the youth into Middle School (6-8) and High School (9-12) groups.  Both will meet on Wednesday, with the Middle School meeting around 5:30, followed by a time for both groups to eat dinner at 6:30, and then the High School students will meet.  The Middle School group will be going through a study called, The Gospel and Your Life.  High School students will be going through a study on Relationships, Friendships, Dating and Sexuality.  

-Nervous about having a study that includes sexuality in the title?  Try looking at these pictures of ridiculous churches. My favorite is the church that looks like a chicken.  

Here is another article with a view on schooling.  My disclaimer(s): I do not have kids, I do not claim to know better than parents what type of schooling is best for their kids, I went to public school and loved it, My wife was homeschooled and loved it, and I assume the same for some in private school.  My only comment is that one cannot say that their view of schooling is best, especially when one considers how different each situation is.  Here is a quote from the article that illustrates what I mean:

Homeschooling is an effective approach that avoids using the school as a support of the family at all. But there are legitimate reasons why a family may choose to avail themselves of the help a school offers. There is nothing sinful about parents who dropped out of high school admitting that they cannot keep up with their gifted eleventh-grader’s chemistry syllabus. A parent doesn’t have to be smart to be wise, and he or she doesn’t need a diploma to be godly. But parents do need to do the best they can to equip their children for the spiritual traps that will await them while they are in school.

-Finally, many (more like, all) of us struggle to see how we fit into the story of the Gospel.  Why is that?  I would argue that it has to do with our daily outlook: Do we see the Bible as a grand love story that we are somehow a part of?  Here is an interesting article that touches on this subject (which I found interesting and encouraging).


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