Tuesday Links: NPR, ESPN, and Islam

Looking forward to our college study at Panera this evening.  We will be looking at chapters 5 and 6 of Tim Keller’s Reason For God.  Also, we are back to our normal youth schedule, so we will be having our bible study tomorrow, where we will be looking at missions.  Just a heads up, I LOVE missions.  

I love NPR.  I think this is a punishable offense in many conservative churches, especially in The South.  Yes, the reporting comes from a liberal point of view, but: 1. It is better than the junk most students are listening to (I heard it last week, and if our future depends on the message that music is sending out, women are going to be severely oppressed in the near future). 2. Fox News is not unbiased either.  3. There are Christians who vote Democrat (gasp).  4. There are Republican leaning news agencies who are not Christian (and who actually use a false gospel to spread fear and idiotic ideas across the world). All of this to say, that NPR has done a neat piece with the Getty’s, who have rewritten the music to some of our favorite hymns in the church.  Why do they do it? Because those songs have actual depth and meaning, as compared to the majority of Christian music on the radio today (and what many churches sing on Sundays).  I would encourage you to check out the piece, and then find any Indelible Grace album and give it a listen.  

I tried to get my wife to watch this segment on Sportscenter yesterday, but she refused.  It is a great story that will make you cry, and it gives an example of how sports are used in culture to provide hope.  I am sure there are tons of allegorical Gospel connections that could be made, but I would encourage you to just watch this piece for the amazing and emotionally heartwarming story that it is.  

Yesterday, I posted a link about the ten things every Christian should know about Islam.  Continuing our look at Islam, Albert Mohler writes an article on why Islam is the greatest challenge to Christian evangelism.  This article first looks at comments made by President Obama, and then discusses how the theological demand of Islam is at direct odds with Christianity.  An interesting read.


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