Monday Links: Youth Ministry, General Assembly, and More

This weekend was busy, but also was a sweet time of fellowship with PHPC, as we ended our Father’s Day with a cookout in the parking lot (a well shaded parking lot that had a wonderful breeze).  It is always a blessing to look at the body of Christ enjoying time with one another, watching children play outside, and eating meat from a grill.  This week is going to be a bit chaotic, as it is the PCA’s General Assembly, being held this year in our very own backyard of Greenville, SC.  What is General Assembly you might ask?  It is the gathering together of pastors and elders from across the PCA for their annual meeting, where they will discuss issues, vote, meet new partners in the Gospel, reconnect with old friends, and worship together.  I will be going as a mere onlooker, but am looking forward to seeing some old friends.  If you are in the area this week and have some free time on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, I would encourage you to mosey over to the TD Convention Center during the evening for a time of worship.  The three pastors that will be preaching this week or Dr. Mike Ross of Christ Covenant  (Charlotte), Rev. Brian Habig of Downtown Presbyterian (Greenville), and Dr. David Sinclair of Clemson Presbyterian (of, you guessed it, Clemson, SC.  Dr. Sinclair also married me, so I vote that you go hear him preach), on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, respectively. Want some more info on the GA?  Go to their website.

-If you have been going to Palmetto Hills and have thought, “What exactly is Jacob trying to accomplish with the youth?” then I would encourage you to take a quick look at this brief article by Dave Wright on the key ingredients of youth ministry.  His four ingredients are: a profile, a vision, a strategy, and support.  Believe it or not, I have worked pretty hard on the first three ingredients.  I actually have handouts for those who are interested.  The fourth ingredient is where PHPC comes in.  Wright writes (ha, I couldn’t resist):

Youth leaders must know the church is behind them. There is nothing more empowering than knowing firsthand that church members are praying every day for me and for the youth…

PHPC has done an amazing job supporting me as I try to build a ministry where I focus on pastoring individuals.  They have not asked, “Why is he not doing more big events that seem cool?” or, “Why are you just studying the Bible?”  Instead, they have asked how they can contribute.  My wife and I are extremely grateful.  But we are always looking for adults who are wanting to help out.  One way you can help out is volunteering to help lead discipleship groups of 4-5 students.  We want these students to be connected to older people in the church because: studies have shown that a student who is connected to more than just other students and their parents are FAR more likely to continue going to church when they leave home, this shows them that church does care about them, and it allows opportunities for students and adults to see what living life together as a body of Christ is like (the body is made up of all different ages).  If you are interested, please let me know via email, at

-Words have lots of power.  Probably more power than you realize.  So how are you using this power?  Here is a really brief list of principles about the tongue that you need to know.  If we spend time to consider these principles, how would it change us?

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  1. Tim says:

    awesome post and some great advice!

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