Friday Links

-Hate the feeling of being rejected?  Who Doesn’t!  But the beauty of the Gospel is that transforms our rejection by shifting the importance of our identity to being in Christ.  And while the other areas of our life are still important, they are secondary, or even peripheral in importance.  Here is a great reminder on how the Gospel heals the sting of rejection.

-Our church is looking at the book of Acts for the remainder of the year, and while Luke does write about unifying the body of Christ, some might take this to an extreme and denounce the free market.  Here is an interesting article on Acts, and whether it endorses socialism/free-market/none of the above.

-One of my close friends had a loved one pass away yesterday.  Death always makes us reflect on eternality.  What hope do we have in the life to come?  Thankfully, the family member of my friend who has passed away was a godly person.  But it is interesting to think about how people who are not believers in Christianity deal with death. This article does a great job summarizing the two different thoughts and reactions that might occur at a funeral.

-If you are reading this, then you have access to the internet.  Which is great, but also dangerous.  Why?  There is a lot of junk on the internet that can be harmful.  This includes violence, bitterness, conflicting lifestyle beliefs, but most dangerous is pornography.  Pornography is the biggest benefactor from the internet, and men and women (actually, boys and girls are now being exposed at a terrifying early age) are being targeted and tempted unlike any other time in history.  Our culture tells us that porn is a normal thing.  It is joked about and explicitly accepted as a healthy developmental part of maturing teenagers.  But what is not talked about is the damage porn has every individual that looks at it.  The damage has become obvious to those who study psychology, as articles in the Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine (the link I decided not to post, because it is pretty vulgar).  If you need help with this addiction, I recommend using Covenant Eyes.  They produced this list of 33 Reasons to Not Look at Porn.  If you don’t click on the link, at least believe this reason: Porn will ruin your view of the opposite sex, and will destroy your relationship with your spouse.


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