Monday Post

Wanted to apologize for the lack of content the past few days.  Things are busy around here, with my finishing school and studying for my licensure exam and sermon (which must be completed before June 10).  Despite my valid excuse for being lazy on posting, I still will be posting a few links almost everyday.  

-The first link comes on the issue of human cloning.  Last week, in Oregon, scientists produced embryonic stem cells that came from a cloned human embryo.  This does not mean that we are going to start cloning ourselves and making crazy dopple-twins anytime soon.  But there are some implications that we should be aware about.  Here is a post from Gospel Coalition contributor Joe Carter on this issue.

-Thinking on Joe’s sermon yesterday, and how we are to be passionately evangelistic, I thought I would share some sobering news: large parts of the world are closed off to Christianity.  Ed Stetzer shows a map of the world that shows this fact.  If you have the opportunity to support missionaries who are heading to these difficult parts of the world, please support them.  Not only with money, but with tons of prayer.  Not sure how you can support missions?  Why don’t you check out the following web sites:

Mission to the World: The PCA’s mission organization

World Harvest Mission: Solid evangelical mission agency that currently is sending one of my best friends to Prague

JAARS: These guys literally go to the hard to reach places.  Check them out at



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