Wednesday Links

-I have mentioned the Kermit Gosnell trial a few times already, but I must do so again.  This time, linking you to Al Mohler Jr., president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his article on what the trial says about America.  It is interesting, thought provoking, and disturbingly true.  

-Kudos to my wife, who found this article.  Parents, read this if you have a girl.  Students (both male and female), read this article and realize that this applies also to you.  The article talks about the stress that high school students (and college students, for that matter) face as they struggle living in a world with two conflicting worldviews (the Christian and the secular).    The girl’s issue is this:

After two minutes of listening to her story, it was obvious she was a good girl – dedicated student, obedient daughter, sweet disposition, high anxiety, unrealistic expectations of herself. Her main concern was being a Christian in high school and wanting to be a good example for her friends.

 This is something that we all will struggle with.  And if you are in your teenage years, this can be especially difficult. The author writes:

I sat in my room and thought for a few more minutes about the conversation. I kept rolling her words around in my head: “I want to be an example to my friends, but sometimes it’s so hard to be a good one.”

The more I thought about her struggle, the more frustrated I got. I paced my room, made my bed with the excess energy. I thought about what the host said to her and began to think how I would put his response in my own words.

Here’s what I came up with: She isn’t supposed to be an example. Her friends don’t need an example, they need a friend. A real one. An honest one. A touchable one. They  need a friend who doesn’t think she’s better than everyone, but one who knows she isn’t. They need a friend who knows she needs Jesus.

This is not the complete argument or reasoning of the author.  It is just a sample to peak the interest.  Again, it is well worth reading, for EVERYONE.  Please, read it and talk about it with your children, your parents, and your friends. 

-Finally, here is an article by Carl Trueman, professor at Westminster Theological Seminary (who was a guest prof at RTS this past summer), on worship (everyone’s favorite topic!).  People might read these article and think, “These types of churches don’t really exist, they are just setting up straw men.”  If this is you, congratulations.  You have managed to evade the up and coming church.  

-Here is a reminder for the youth: We are meeting tonight (as usual) at 6:30 for dinner, then continuing our study on the Basic Tools of the Christian Life.  Tonight, we will start looking at justification.  A big word, with big implications.  We would love to have you, so come on out, and bring a buck or two to help cover dinner (chili, cornbread, and chips/fritos).

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my article about what not to say to our girls (or guys, for that matter). I didn’t expect the response it has received, but I’m glad to know you seem to understand the heart of it.

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