Tuesday Links

-A ruling has been made in the Gosnell trial.  Kermit Gosnell is a doctor in West Philadelphia who would perform late term abortions for women, an act that is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania.  He has been found guilty for 3 charges of first-degree murder, and guilty for involuntary manslaughter for the death of a Virginia woman who was at Gosnell’s clinic for an abortion (she died of a drug overdose).  This story in the Washington Post points to ever growing chasm between the Christian and secular worldview on the issue of abortion, murder, and the question, “What constitutes life?”  It is interesting that discussion from pro-abortion advocates point to the Gosnell trials as an argument for more government regulation and help with abortion laws, saying, “This is the type of clinic that existed before abortion was legal.  If we have clear laws and funding  on abortion from the government, then this type of atrocity will be a thing of the past.”  The implication, of course, becomes that if abortion were made illegal, then this story would become all too common.  The sanctity of human lives, especially the lives of all the babies murdered by Gosnell in his clinic in West Philadelphia, do not seem to have any effect on this group.  The Atlantic had an article online over a month ago that touched on the trial, and why there had not been much coverage.  They conclude their story by saying this:

There is, finally, the fact that abortion, one of the most hotly contested, polarizing debates in the country, is at the center of this case. It arguably informs the abortion debate in any number of ways, and has numerous plausible implications for abortion policy, including the oversight and regulation of clinics, the appropriateness of late-term abortions, the penalties for failing to report abuses, the statute of limitations for killings like those with which Gosnell is charged, whether staff should be legally culpable for the bad behavior of doctors under whom they work…

Again, we see that the terms abortion and murder are trying to say different things.  Abortion is seen as successful killing of a baby inside of the womb, where murder is seen as when the child is born during the abortion.  It is staggering to think that one can justify the difference between the two terms.  Yet that is what differing worldviews do; they can allow one to play word games in order for relativistic truth to remain status quo.

-Summer is approaching, and students are ready to stop everything and relax for a few months.  Parents might be thinking the same thing.  But before you stop everything and go into hibernation, I would encourage you to read this short article from Kevin DeYoung on how developing a rhythm in life is actually a good thing.

-On a lighter note, have you ever seen a building implode?  It is awesome.  But have ever wondered what happens if it goes wrong?  Wonder no longer, here you go…


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