Monday Links

It has been a long weekend, so here are some posts to get you up to speed.

-On the apologetics front, here are some challenges that atheists face when arguing with Christians.  Philosophically, Atheists have a ton of problems.  This article does a good job giving a brief summary of just a few issues they have.  

-In Cleveland, OH, families and friends are rejoicing that 3 women were rescued from being held for 10 years in a sexual slavery.  While this should be a story of joy has become a political and social platform to again, speak out against the Christian belief of abstinence before marriage.  If you haven’t heard, a former kidnapped women, Elizabeth Smart, is speaking out against the idea of abstinence.  She claims that her religious upbringing and education on abstinence made her experience so much worse.  Carl Trueman writes a sharp and brief retort to this on his blog at the Reformation21 site.

-The Gospel Coalition has put out new information on the effects of pornography, especially on males.  The info is interesting, but also saddening.  

Men’s exposure to sexually explicit material is correlated with social anxietydepression,low motivationerectile dysfunctionconcentration problems, and negative self-perceptions in terms of physical appearance and sexual functioning.

I would encourage all parents to put some sort of filter or blocker on their computer, and their children’s.  Need a recommendation?  I strongly recommend Covenant Eyes.  They have different levels of monitoring available.

-Here is a fascinating pictorial piece about what a week of food looks like around the globe.  Just looking at these other countries’ food choices makes me want to live in the Middle East or South America.

-Another picture piece: National Geographic’s 2013 Traveler Photo Contest.  Some of these are weird, some are beautiful, and all of them are worth taking a look at.


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