Friday’s Links and Such

Why am I sick?  Why do I suffer?  These are very real questions that all of us will ask, not only of ourselves, but for our loved ones and friends.  Sam Storms gives some insightful thought on a very difficult topic.

Since we are in the state of South Carolina, it is appropriate to mention that citizens of our state have elected Mark Sanford to the House of Representatives.  Many opinions are out there, both for and against Sanford’s return to politics.  Albert Mohler mentioned in his podcast, “The Briefing,” that some have argued that we should look beyond his morality and focus on whether he can do the job well.  They have compared him to a plumber; we don’t care about the plumber’s morals as long as he can do his job well and fix problems.  The problem with this comparison, as Mohler points out, is that Sanford’s job requires him to make moral decisions for the people he represents.  While we should forgive someone for their actions, this does not mean we should then allow a return to a position which requires moral judgements to be made, just because they mention God’s grace and we say, “I forgive you.”  Allowing Sanford to return to the realm of politics and represent the citizens of South Carolina is not equivalent to saying forgiveness is granted, but rather, we have become increasingly desensitized to sin.  Anyways, here is a op-ed piece from the New York Times on Sanford, the idea of forgiveness in politics, and where we as a society are truly concerned when it comes to politics.

Have you had a hard time reading the Bible?  Maybe it is a recent thing, or maybe it has become something that has plagued you for a long time.  All of a sudden, you have the urge to put the Bible in the corner of the bookshelf or under a pile of books, and let it pick up dust.  Here is a thought (and it is not an easy thought to swallow): Maybe it is your heart.

Finally, for all of you who have atheist friends (newsflash: you do, and if you think you don’t, you are either kidding yourself or have a few shallow relationships), here is an article written by an atheist that gives tips about talking to non-Christians.  I might not endorse every single thing he says, but I think he has some very valid points that we must consider if we are to spread the Gospel in the rockiest of soils.

If you don’t want to read the article because it is explicitly written by an atheist, or you are just lazy, then at least watch this clip.  


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