Tuesday Links and Thoughts

-If you have turned on the cable news networks in the past 24 hours, you have heard that 3 women who were kidnapped/abducted ten years ago have been found in Cleveland, OH.  They had been living in a basement of the man who kidnapped them, and had become sex slaves for the past ten years.  Reports claim there were FIVE children born of these women in the past ten years.  This is a joyous time for these women and their families, who will no doubt, have to go through a massive transition back into a somewhat regular life.  But while this is a time of joy for those involved in the case that had run cold, the families, and the women, it is also a time of horror for the citizens of Cleveland, the people who lived in that neighborhood, and for us across the country.  Why is that?  Because the idea of sex trafficking seems very distant to us (somehow, we do not connect the dots that prostitution is a form of sex trafficking).  Make no mistake about it, sex trafficking is a huge business in large parts of the world (large parts of Asia, former Soviet Union, and Central America being the top areas), where what was going on in this Cleveland area basement would not raise much commotion.  I believe Cargo has been involved in spreading the message around the Upstate of SC in the past few years, with the help of churches like Clemson Presbyterian (PCA).  It might be worth checking out.

-It’s not everyday that a evangelical church is mentioned in the paper for something other than angering people.  Check out this article on Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, PA.  I have a slight bias towards the church, as my sister and brother-in-law met and were married there.  

-Finally, how many of you have ditched the actual book for a kindle?  I have, and I have often wondered if I am getting the same experience (will I remember what I have read better or worse?).  Here is an interesting article on this topic. 


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