Tuesday Morning Links and Such

-All conservatives are Christians, right?  That is the stereotype.  And news reporters for networks such as CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC have played up those stereotypes, for either better or worse.  But in the past months, with the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) hearing arguments for the legalization of gay marriage, terrorist attacks on our soil, and the morning-after pill becoming increasingly easier to get (now over the counter for girls as young as 15), what is clear is that Christianity cannot and should not be classified under any political spectrum.  Case in point, Bill O’Reilly.  Mr. O’Reilly is a “devout” Roman Catholic, yet does not understand the gospel.  At all.  This is not the first case this has ever happened.  Point in this story, do not let your politics be a badge for your faith.  

-What do you do when you reject orthodox Christianity and start writing heresy?  After Rob Bell wrote Love Wins, which allowed him to be clearly labeled as a universalist and a heretic, he waited a year and began writing another book, called What We Talk About When We Talk About God.  This book is reviewed by one of my professors at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC, Dr. Michael Kruger (who is now the President at RTS).  This review is helpful for those who have read some of Bell’s books, especially this recent one, and have wondered, “Why does my understanding of Christianity differ from Bell’s?”  

Kruger concludes his review by saying the following:

In the end, my overall concern about this volume is a simple one: it is not Christian. Bell’s makeover of Christianity has changed it into something entirely different. It is not Christianity at all, it is modern liberalism. It is the same liberalism that Machen fought in the 1920’s and the same liberalism prevalent in far too many churches today. It is the liberalism that teaches that God exists and that Jesus is the source of our happiness and our fulfillment, but all of this comes apart from any real mention of sin, judgment, and the cross. It is the liberalism that says we can know nothing for sure, except of course, that those “fundamentalists” are wrong. It is the liberalism that appeals to the Bible from time to time, but then simply ignores large portions of it. 

Bell’s book, therefore, is really just spiritualism with a Christian veneer. It’s a book that would fit quite well on Oprah’s list of favorite books. What is Rob Bell talking about when he is talking about God? Not the God of Christianity.  
-Finally, I want to remind the youth of PHPC that this Wednesday will be a time where I will be answering questions that have been asked over the last two weeks, primarily questions centered around the question, “How can I trust the Bible?”  Come at 6:30 for dinner, and bring $2.00 to help offset the cost.



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