Friday Morning Links and Such

Here is an interesting take on a craze that has been hitting the church.  I agree with a majority of what the author has to say.  And from working on college campuses for the past five years, I would have to say that this threat is very real.  There is just something attractive about doing something “big for God” (I know that is really cheesy.  I spent five minutes trying to think of something else.  Forgive me).  

In US news, there is an unsettling possibility that in the very near future, chaplains in the military (and for that matter, anyone in the military) could face penalty of court-martial for sharing their faith.  What is hidden in this is that the person the government chose to head up this “religious tolerance policy” is a well known Anti-Christian Extremist, Mikey Weinstein, founder of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF).  

And because it is Friday, enjoy a short clip from Brian Regan…



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