Thoughts on John 19

Here is an excerpt from the devotional book, Heart of the Matter (which I strongly recommend if you are looking for a daily devotional),  on John 19: 16-30.

Either people exhaust God’s anger themselves or a substitute does.

In love, God finds a way to deal with the anger his people provoke, even though it means that he must bear the punishment his righteous wrath requires.  He pays so that you do not.  The consequences you suffer are not intended to pay God back.  In that sense, they are not punishment, but rather training so that you might learn to live a holy life.

Anger that disciplines is different from anger that destroys.  It’s corrective, not destructive.  More than that, being angry with family costs God, and he willingly pays the price.  You don’t need to be afraid of this awesome, powerful God, because he pays what you never could.  That’s a God you can have great confidence in, even when you’ve angered him.


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